Public Consultation on the Route Corridor Options for the Wexford Town to Rosslare Strand Greenway

Closed11 May, 2022, 9:00am - 10 Jun, 2022, 5:00pm

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Wexford County Council (WCC) is  proposing to develop a greenway between Wexford Town and Rosslare Strand.  This is a non-statutory public consultation on the Route Corridor Options. 

The Project Team seeks feedback from the public and interested parties on Route Corridor Options identified for the scheme.

We would like to hear your views on the Route Corridor Options by 10th June 2022.


The Need for The Scheme

Wexford County Council is seeking to develop a Greenway as a recreational amenity, sustainable, commuter corridor and tourism project from Wexford Town to Rosslare Strand.  

This project forms part of an overall vision and strategy for the development of an integrated network of greenways and blueways, as outdoor recreational amenities, for the South East region and beyond. 

The development of this project, as part of the overall regional strategy, will seek to attract domestic and international visitors to come, stay in and explore the region. It will connect with existing and planned greenways and blueways, creating a recreational pathway for use by local and overseas visitors and encouraging and promoting walking and cycling in a safe and controlled environment.

The Greenway is expected to commence in the vicinity of the Ferrybank Caravan Park, playground and leisure centre extending along Wexford Bridge and Crescent Quay, tying in with the proposed new urban district development site at Trinity Wharf.  To the south of Trinity Wharf the Greenway is proposed to extend in a southerly direction, terminating at the Rosslare Strand beach car park.

Following on from the Constraints Study, a number of Route Corridor Options have been developed. Given the length of the overall route, the scheme has been broken into a number of sections for the purpose of the Route Corridor Options identification and assessment, as follows: -

•    Section 0 – Extends between Ferrybank and Trinity Wharf
•    Section 1 – Extends between Trinity Wharf and Drinagh North
•    Section 2 – Extends between Drinagh North and the South Slob Road
•    Section 3 – Extends between the South Slob Road and Killane Little
•    Section 4 – Extends between Killane Little and Drinagh Intake
•    Section 5 – Extends along the Southern Boundary of Drinagh Intake
•    Section 6 - Extends between Drinagh Intake and Rosslare Strand Beach Car Park.

The Route Corridor Options presented in this non-statutory public consultation are subject to change based on stakeholder consultation and the further development of these options.

The selection of the Preferred Route Corridor for the overall Greenway may comprise of a combination of any route options presented within the various sections.
A coastal option (Green Route) was considered and ruled out at an early stage on environmental grounds. The Green Route is shown on the route options maps for completeness.

Have Your Say...
The Project Team would like to hear your views on the Route Corridor Options to inform the selection of the final route of the greenway.
We welcome your feedback on any issues or information, relating to the corridors, which you think should be considered by the project team in selecting a preferred route corridor.  Please submit your comments here by 5pm on 10th June 2022.