TEMPORARY CLOSING OF ROADS - Wexford Volkswagen Stages Motor Car Rally

Closeddate_range27 Jul, 2022, 9:00am - 9 Aug, 2022, 12:00pm

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Notice is hereby given that Wexford County Council intends to close the following roads on Friday 9 September, Saturday 10 September and Sunday 11 September 2022 to public traffic to facilitate the holding of the Wexford Volkswagen Stages Motor Car Rally.


Friday 9 September 2022

Ceremonial start to Wexford Volkswagen Stages Motor Car Rally at Common Quay Street and North Main Street, Wexford town.


Road Closures:      Common Quay Street (L7509-1) to its junction with Corn Market, North Main Street (L3500-4/5) from its junction with Corn Market to its junction with Anne Street and Anne Street (L7513-1).

Times:                   18.00 to 21.30.

Alternative Routes:          Travelling North Bound on Quay: Common Quay Street to Commercial Quay to Redmond Square to Selskar Street to George Street Lower to Abbey Street to Cornmarket via the R730, L3500, L7505, L7525 and the L7531.

Travelling South Bound on the Quay: King Street to Saint Joseph Street to Roches Road to School Street to Rowe Street to Church Lane via the R733, R889, L7534, L7511 and the L7510.


Saturday 10 September 2022

Stage numbers:               1-4-7. 

Stage name:                              Ballycullane.

Road Closure Times:       09.06 to 18:00.

Road Closures

Road Nos.:   L4042-2 / L40422-1/ L40401-1/ L4040-3 / L4040-2/ L8090-1 / L8090-2 / L8093-3 / L8091-1 / L7031-3 / L8087-1 / L80831-2 / L8083-2 / L8084-1 / L8084-2 / L8084-3.

Townlands:   Coolroe, Ballycullane, Kinnagh, Ballinruane, Taylorstown, Loughnageer, Ballybrack, Tnnerath, Bryanstown, Ballyliamgow, Coolboy and Newbawn.

Alternative Route

Route:          Duraghty Cross Roads to Balliniry to Dunmain  to Newbawn to Clongeen to Ballylannan to Curraghmore via the L8103, R734, R735, R736, L3037, R733 and the L4042.



Saturday 10 September 2022

Stage numbers:               2-5-8. 

Stage name:                              Tintern Abbey.

Road Closure Times:       09.36 to 18.31

Road Closures

Road Nos.:   L8107-7 / L8107-6 / L8106-2 / L4043-4 / L8110-2 / L40431-1 / L4043-7 / L4043-6 / R734-15 / R734-14 / L8102-4 / L8099-4 / L8099-5 / L8099-6 / L8099-7.

Townlands:   Tintern, Garrycullen, Saint Kierans, Saltmills, Ballygarrett, Gorteens, Stonehouse, Dungulph, Winningtown, Battlestown and Kilbride.

Alternative Route

Route:          Taulaght to Ballyhackbeg to Haggard to Booley to Fethard via L8107, L8108, R733, R737, L4046, L4047 and the L4048.



Saturday 10 September 2022

Stage numbers:               3-6-9. 

Stage name:                              J.F.K Park.

Road Closure Times:       10.07 to 18:55.

Road Closures

Road Nos.:   L8132-1 / L8133-2 / L4037-2 / L8127-1 / L4036-2 / L8079-1 / L4031-5 / L8075-1 / L8075-2.

Townlands:   Curraghmore, Monachee, Coole, Drillistown, Killesk, Knockea, Garryduff and Aclamon.

Alternative Route

Route:          Aclamon (Five Cross Roads) to Dunmain to Balliniry to Ramsgrange to Curraghmore to Campile to Horeswood to Slaght to The Five Cross Roads via the R734, R733, L4044, L4034, L4035, L4027 and the R734.


Sunday 11 September 2022

Stage numbers:               10-13-16. 

Stage name:                              Ferns.

Road Closure Times:       08.22 to 17.59

Road Closure

Road Nos.:   L6068-2 / L6068-1 / L6069-1 / L2011-1 / L6071-1 / L6070-1 / L2011-2 / L6065-1.


Townlands:   Killabeg, Clone, Effernoge, Tomsallagh, and Crane.

Alternative Route

Route:          Killabeg to Scarawalsh to Ferns to The Harrow to Crane via the L2020, R772, L1023, L1036, L2021 and the L2020.


Sunday 11 September 2022

Stage numbers:               11-14-17. 

Stage name:                    Blackwater.

Road Closure Times:       09.01 to 18.40

Road Closure

Road Nos.:   L60102-1 / L6010-1 / L2026-2/ L20261-1 / L20261-3 / L2027-2 / L20271-1 / L20271-2 / L6008-2 / L6009-1.

Townlands:   Bolaboy Beg, Garrymore, Coourtclough Upper, Ballybregah, Ballytarsna, Glebe, Meelnagh, Ballingown, Toberlomina, Garraun, Ballyvoodrane, Ballyvoodock, Garryvadden, Ballynellard, Monanarrig and Killeagh.

Alternative Route

Route:          Bolaboy Beg Cross Roads to Ballinvack to Kilmuckridge to Blackwater to Castlellis to Bolaboy Beg Cross roads via the R741, L5125, L1033, R742, R744 and the R741.



Sunday 11 September 2022

Stage numbers:               12-15-18. 

Stage name:                    Ballymurn.

Road Closure Times:       09.40 to 19.19.

Road Closure

Road Nos.:   L7009-3/ L7009-4 / L6044-1/ L2043-2 / L20431-1 / L6043-1/ L6040-1 / L2042-2 / L2042-3/ L7007-6.

Townlands:   Crossabeg, Ballynale, Poplar, Farmhill or Barratober, Crory Middle, Crory Upper, Castlesow, Lacken, Millands, Bleachlands, Monavoddagh, Rahale, Coolamain, Coolakip, Garryvarren, Ballysilla, Clonnasheeoge, Ballylucas, Turkyle, Killelan, Coole, Mullanagower and Kilcorral.

Alternative Route

Route:          Crossabeg to Oilgate to Glenbrien to Ballyfarnoge to Castlebridge to Crossabeg via the L3005-1, N11, L6047, L6051, L2040, R741 and the L3005.



Alternative routes will be signposted. 


Please note that it may be possible by prior arrangement with the Wexford Motor Club to facilitate some local access at certain times.


Any person wishing to object to the closing of these roads should lodge the objection in writing via the online portal https://consult.wexfordcoco.ie/ or in hard copy before 12.00 noon on Tuesday 9 August 2022 to the County Secretary, Wexford County Council, County Hall, Wexford.


Temporary Road Closure
Road Closure